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Top Blogging Trends for 2019 with Kala McCrayer

Best Blogging Tips with Kala McCrayer

Kala McCrayer - BloggingIt’s a full month into 2019 and these are the trends that will dominate blogging this year. Kala McCrayer goes into more detail.


It’s 2019 and there are a lot of blogs out there. Some of them have been around for decades and many of them are only a day or two old, but the thing that they all have in common is that is they want to succeed they’re going to have to adapt to the times and the current trends dominating the blogging world. With the advice of Kala McCrayer, a blogging trend forecaster, we’ve written this short piece about the trends you should see within the blogging sphere this year. While it’s not imperative that your blog adapts to these suggestions, it’s likely that doing so will increase your traffic as well as your chances of success. Let’s take a look at them below.


Video Is on the Up

“If YouTube is any indicator of how popular video is,” Kala McCrayer says. “Then it’s pretty clear that people want more visual mediums – and this is true of blogging, too.” The reason for this is that people are moving away from text-only blogs and seeking information that they can digest faster. Videos are the ideal medium for this and allow content creators to disseminate information in an efficient and speedy manner.


Authenticity is Key

How many Instagram posts have you seen that were nothing more than low-key product placement ads? The answer is probably more than a million, and, according to Kala McCrayer, people are sick of it. In 2019 people want more authenticity, more realness, and more truth. They don’t want the content they consume to be blatant billboards for big brands, but rather want to see the humanistic side of the people blogging and creating. Your content should reflect your brand’s voice and identity 100% of the time.


Be Responsive

“Passive and inert blogs are the thing of the past.” Kala McCrayer says. “In 2019 readers want engagement and feedback.” While blogs used to be simply the dissemination of information from one writer to a mass audience, the game is changing. The internet and the bountiful number of platforms on it allow for lightning fast feedback, and it’s what readers expect from the bloggers they follow. Like back, drop a comment, but don’t forget to be responsive. It could be the difference between a whole bunch of followers or nothing at all.

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